7 Days in Greece • 05 Oct - 11 Oct, 2020

Connect to yourself • Yoga Retreat

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Move • Relax • Deepen

Explore yourself in Greece

Time for yourself. Come to Greece to focus on you, to give yourself all the attention you deserve. To go inwards and experience your own mind, body, and soul in its most real form. Athina Tamaresi and Cedric Stein are in this together and excited to guide you through challenging yet calm yoga flows and daily meditation journeys to your inner world with the suroundings of the most wonderful island of Corfu. It's a real "get-together" with yourself first, with us and with some more like minded people... An opportunity to give yourself some time to connect, ground and get prepared for the challenges that life may have for you this following season... we will be using the practices of anusara, vinyasa, moon flows, ashtanga, and yin yoga for 6 days. Come to be, and maybe practice, breathe, meditate, and mindfully enjoy yourself in gorgeous Greece.

No matter what your level of asana practice, you are welcome to come and enjoy yourself. We will provide you with everything you need in order to relax and immerse yourself in daily yoga classes, meditation, breathwork, mantra singing and more... surrounded by stunning sunsets, seaviews, chilling sessions in the "kipo" and, of course, plenty of gorgeous, healthy, freshly cooked, local vegetarian food. Athina's grandma is involved in this... it will be amazing!

Corfu is a beautiful island with an international airport. Once you land, you have the choice to do it all stress-free, as we can pick you up and give you everything you need in order to feel completely spoiled for your 6-day retreat.

Are you ready for this yummy experience with us? It is only a decision away. Let this trip be the beginning of a new routine with you in the centre.

Just come to breathe, relax, meet the sunshine and be happy.
Athina & Cedric

  • – Daily Yoga Class
  • – Daily Meditation Class
  • – Stand Up Paddling time
  • – Freshly cooked vegetarian food
  • – Sandy Beach
  • – Walk to Korission lake through the nature reserve forest of Issos Beach
  • – Boat trip (optional, extra fees apply)
Quick Info
  • – Instructions in English
  • – Additional Languages: Greek, German
  • – Airport Shuttle from CFU
  • – Beginners & Intermediate
  • 07:45-08:15 – Meditation (optional)
  • 08:30-10:00 – Morning Yoga Class
  • 10:00-11:00 – Brunch
  • 16:30-18:00 – Workshops/Activities
  • 18:00-19:30 – Gentle Yoga Class
  • 20:00-21:00 – Dinner
The food

Healthy food for healthy souls

Yummy and healthy is what a yogi needs. So we serve delicious vegi/vegan food all day long. Breakfast with typical greek specialities, as well as fresh fruits, nutrient seeds, local honey and our famous delicious nuts'n'fruits porridge bowls. For dinner we go to local tavernas, who cook especially for us. We enjoy traditional Greek food as well as international salads full of goodness to serve what our bodies need. Dishes are full of ingredients from local organic farming.

Vegetarian option
Vegetarian option
Vegan option Vegan option
Vegan option
Gluten free option
Gluten free option
Cedric Stein
Athina Tamaresi
Head Teacher INEA • YOGA

I am a living enthusiast from Greece, having lived most of my adulthood in Italy and the UK. Yoga to me has been a wonderful journey, helping me divide my sense of self from my often busy mind and deeply, truly accept and connect with me as a whole. I teach to support and encourage people to connect with themselves and I practice to keep remembering that once you commit to living this life with your gaze fixed on the destination, your breath steady and your mind clear everything is possible!!! To truly serve this world, we must first accept our own inner demons... overcome whatever holds us back from blooming. Then, effortlessly, like a flower we will enrich the lives of all who enter our field!

Athina's ProfileAthina's Profile
Cedric Stein
Cedric Stein
Head Teacher INEA • YOGA

Yoga is something very special to me – its the connection of breathing, moving and consciousness. Yoga not just happens on the mat, for me personally, yoga is the path to my true self – to freedom. I find the full depth of Yoga in Meditation. Since I started my Yoga practice, Meditation is my foundation and inspiration. My mission is to create a safe space for you to connect to your inner being. By following your breath, being in the present moment and noticing yourself.

Cedric's ProfileCedric's Profile

Make yourself at home

Deluxe Apartment for two
Double bed
6 Nights / 7 Days


2 Persons
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Private Room
Entire Studio
6 Nights / 7 Days


1 Person
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Private Room, Shared Apartment
Shared Bathroom
6 Nights / 7 Days


1 Person
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Studio for two
Couples deal
6 Nights / 7 Days


2 Persons
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Twin Room in Studio
Single Bed
6 Nights / 7 Days


1 Person
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Workshops • Group Activities

Together we grow

Meditation/Mindfulness Workshop

Meditation and Mindfulness workshops are possibly the best hour you can give yourself! They the kind of workshops that you won't need pen and paper for, your won't need to learn anything, perhaps the key principle here is to unlearn a few patterns and behavious. During those hours we focus around being present, we find little basic ideas that help practice mindfully and we accept change. In mindfulness workshops we don't force things, we allow them to happen. Breathe in and take a moment to feel the cold air touching your nostrils, pause there, breath out and notice how its quality has changed. How do you expect everything else in life not to change? Nothing is permanent so make sure you enjoy what's worth your enjoyment. Now is the time.

Asana Workshop

It is beautiful when you find what feels good for your unique body. Yoga practice is not about getting bendy, it is about reuniting with yourself, using your body and mind, noticing their patterns, exploring their limitations and without judgment playing around with them. In Asana workshops we focus around a handful of postures and their alignment. Most practicioners, no matter how advanced, often wonder if they are accessing yoga postures properly... This is an opportunity to dive into foundation, key principles, aims and sensations of different asanas and searching for the most appropriate way to use those in order to connect better with ourselves. Join this workshop during your stay and experience your practice the best way your body needs.


Breathing is the foundation of your life. Naturally breathing becomes the foundation of your yoga practice too. With each inhale you have the opportunity to create space and with every exhale you can allow your experience to deepen. Kapalabhati, Alternate Nostril Breathing and other exercises will become more accessible as time goes by and as you get familiar with paying attention to yourself. In these sessions we practice different breathing techniques, we explain how you can benefit from them, what the different steps are and we give ourselves time to try and modify them. Come join us for a whole session dedicated to breathing, or you can often get a glimpse of pranayama workshops by joining a meditation or even a yoga practice.

Mantra singing

What a wonderful way to reach a meditative state without worrying about your mind getting busy! Mantras help quiten the mind and stimulate the endocrine system in such a relaxed and joyful manner. And of course, there are plenty more reasons to sing mantras but this is not the time to bore you with making a list.

Have you tried it? Mantra singing is so much fun!!! Are you one of these people that lyrics isn't your thing? Well, if so then mantras are going to be your favourite kind of singing!!! You get a few commonly sanskrit phrases, with spiritual content and you have the opportunity to repeat these Indian jewels over and over, often at different tempos until everybody has got the words and the tune (but not that it actually matters). It is a chance to enjoy just being with everyone else around you, a wonderful way to connect with the rest of the group, a playful and gentle way to help you focus your attention. Let's play together.

Yoga & Meditation Retreat
Airport Transfer

Book a stress-free shuttle

We want you to have a stress free time, just like you deserve. If you would rather somebody else do the driving for you, we can pick you up and take you to the retreat! Of course we care also to drop you off for your flight back. Make sure to check the right airport on the booking page.

Book your flight to CFU Corfo Airport

Cancellation Policy

Corona Special for 2020

We understand that cancelling is the last thing you want. However, re-arranging things has never been easier. You can still have some time for yourself. If things end up changing at the last minute (under 30 days from the start date), we offer you an 18 month long voucher that you can utilise towards any of our other retreats or services. Additionally, for cancellations that you make longer than a month in advance, you can have a full refund or take the voucher option too. In case of refund, we will charge you the transaction fees, which are estimated at 5%. We hope you understand and that this way we help you invest in yourself. Let's keep working towards an easier future for you and for us.

From Brazil


„I don’t think I ever felt more peaceful than being here. The most important bit for me was the people and being with them and enjoying it! enjoying the food and enjoying the yoga...“

From USA


„I found this retreat grounding and exciting! a great opportunity, bringing people together. It let me release my stress and anxiety from the past year. It was really wonderful!“

From Belgium

Maria and Stefaan

„Bringing the feet on the ground. Relaxing. It was exactly what we needed...“

From Brazil


„The retreat was wonderful. Athina, the teacher, is a brilliant person and so well prepared. I am so happy to be here.“

From France


„It's the second time I am attending the retreat, because the first time was so nice I wanted to come back. Everything was well organised. Nice Yoga classes in the morning and evening.“

From Germany


„I've learnd in the retreat to trust people. We were all strangers, but now we become friends.“

From United Kingdom


„I really enjoyed the retreat. I am doing yoga once a week and here I got more in depth into it. I got into meditation for the first time. I enjoyed greece, the beach, the people the food – all in all a great experience.“


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