7-Day Yoga Holidays • 13 Apr - 19 Apr, 2025

Signature Retreat

Move, Rest, Restore

Profound • gentle • dynamic

Our style of yoga

Our Yoga classes are designed to deepen your connection with the body and your inner essence. We honour the ancient yogic traditions and integrate them into the practices. Morning sessions are active; some are flowy and creative like a gentle vinyasa (don't expect power yoga or gym workouts), whilst others are more of a breath-based moving meditation, like tantra yoga. Evening practices are designed for relaxation, restoration and inner intimacy through yin yoga, yoga nidra and sound journeys.

Come to gorgeous Corfu and we will provide you with everything you need for a nourishing and rejuvenating yoga retreat, surrounded by stunning sunsets, seaviews and, of course, plenty of gorgeous, healthy, local vegetarian food. It will be amazing! Athina and Cedric, founders of INEA•YOGA, are thrilled to welcome experienced teachers Pim and Sarah to guide and support you with love and presence throughout your retreat with us.

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Yoga Retreat Highlights

  • – Daily Yoga Classes
  • – Daily Meditation Session
  • – Daily Yoga Workshop
  • – Freshly cooked veggie/vegan food
  • – Sandy Beach 2 Min walk
  • – Hiking trip to the mountain
  • – Boat trip (optional, extra fees apply)

Retreat Info

  • – Instructions in English
  • – Airport Shuttle from Corfu Airport (CFU)
  • – Beginners & Intermediate
  • – First day starts at 4pm (welcome circle)
  • – Last day ends at 12pm (local time)
  • 08–10 Morning Practice
  • 10–11 Brunch
  • 11–13 Workshops/Activities
  • 13–18 Free time (Spa time)
  • 18–19 Relaxing Yoga Class (Yin)
  • 19–20 Dinner
  • 21-21:30 Evening Meditation
What's included?
  • – All Yoga Classes & Meditations
  • – Brunch and Dinner
  • – Accomodation during the Retreat
  • – Workshops, Mantra Circle, Soundbath, Hike
  • – Lots of sunshine and joy
  • – NOT included: boat trip, treatments, transfers

Join the journey to treat yourself

Time for you. Just you.

All our retreats have one common, fundamental focus: to serve your needs. You will relax, restore and get all the inspiration to grow on many levels. Yoga is teaching us how – and we provide the perfect environment and tools for you to utilize these ancient practices, to guide you towards a more calm, centered and empowered self.

relax & restore retreat corfu

Relax & replenish

Time to
rest & restore

Improve your practice

Build Strength
and Flexibility

Improve your



Tap into your
full potential

Meet like-minded people

join our

Meet like-minded people

Yoga Workshops included


Dive deep into Yoga

Enjoy the greek sunshine on corfu

Yoga in the

Enjoy the greek sunshine

Workshops & Activities

An Authentic Yoga Experience

INEA YOGA Retreat experiences Daily Yoga Classes in Corfu

Daily practice

Guided Yoga & Meditation classes

Morning Meditation: Every morning we have a 30-minute guided meditation class. Even as a beginner, this is a class where you can follow the instructions to find the silence inside.

Dynamic Morning Class: This is an active but slow yoga class inspired by Vinyasa flow elements, Anusara principles and Tantra philosophy. The practice mobilises the joints, strengthens the muscles and improves flexibility. The class is usually between 75 and 90 minutes, some days a little sweaty and dynamic, others more quite and deep and always includes a long sweet savasana relaxation in the end.

Relaxing Evening Yoga: The evening yoga class is there for you to relax and surrender. We teach Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra or provide a sound journey. You will relax your body and mind and recharge your energy. This class is 60 minutes and focuses on soft but deep slow stretches linked to calming the mind and emotional healing.

INEA YOGA Retreat experiences Kirtan and Mantra Singing in Corfu

Kirtan & Satsang

Mantra Chanting with Athina

What a wonderful way to reach a meditative state without worrying about your mind getting busy! Mantras help quieten the mind and stimulate the endocrine system in such a relaxed and joyful manner. And of course, there are plenty more reasons to sing mantras but this is not the time to bore you with making a list.

Have you ever tried it? It is so much fun! Mantra singing is essentially repeating a few common sanskrit phrases, with spiritual content, over and over, often at different tempos until everybody has got the words and the tune (but not that it actually matters). It is a chance to enjoy just being with everyone else around you, a wonderful way to connect with the rest of the group, a playful and gentle way to help you focus your attention. Let's play together.

Yoga workshops and lectures in Corfu

Workshops & Lectures

You want to dive deeper? You are at the right place.

We have a lot of different workshops that we have developed over the years and offer to you for free at our retreats. We do this because we love yoga and want to share these magical teachings. This is one of the best opportunities to go deeper into a topic, to ask questions that have been on your mind for a long time, or to get new impulses for your further yoga path.

Excerpt of our workshops:

  • Meditation (Introduction, misunderstandings and working with obstacles)
  • Pranayama (Breathing techniques)
  • Asana Clinic (Alignment of Yoga Poses)
  • Self-Practice Kickstart (Build a home yoga routine)
  • Mindfulness & Awareness cultivation
  • Yoga Philosophy and Yoga History
  • Yogic Bodies (Koshas)
  • Subtle Energies in Yoga (Chakras, Nadis and Prana)
  • Sankalpa (How to find your heart's desire / purpose)
  • Yin Yoga Introduction
  • Yoga Sutras (The roots of Yoga)
  • And brand new DIY Mala, design and make your own Mala necklace.

    INEA YOGA Retreat experiences & yoga activities in Corfu


    Hiking Trip & Corfu Town Tour

    Hiking Trip: Corfu is known for its green nature. Many people travel to the island every year just for hiking. Our yoga school is located directly on one of these many hiking trails. So if you like, you can start hiking directly from our Retreat Center and explore the island.
    We offer a hiking tours for our guests:
    The tour leads you through an olive forest to the historic village of Aygirades and a great viewpoint. When the weather allows, we hike further up to the mountain top or to the local salt water lake and the super stunning Halikounas Beach. You do not need special shoes, normal trainers are good enough.

    Corfu Town Tour: Corfu Town is a very pretty and historical old town. We arrange a trip by bus to town where a local guide awaits you for an 2-hour tour through the center. Afterwards there is enough time to explore more by yourself and maybe buy a little sounevir. (Extra fees apply / ~16€)

    INEA YOGA Retreat experiences & yoga activities in Corfu

    Group Activitiy

    Fun boat trip to private beaches

    In your free time, you decide what you want to do. If you want to join our group activity offers, it could be a boat excursion, for example.
    Together we will make a day trip to Paleokatritsa in the north-west of the island. On the way we will stop at different beaches, some of which can only be reached by boat. Be sure to bring swimming gear. (Extra fees apply)

    INEA YOGA Retreat experiences, Sound Healing Treatment with Tibetan Singing Bowls in Corfu


    Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls

    Sound treatments are here to help you release tension, work through blockages and connect with yourself on a deeper level. During these sound treatments the practitioner utilises the healing aspects of ancient Tibetan techniques and brings them to your body through vibrating singing bowls in the form of waves. The waves, as created by Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls, are played with clear intentions and directly from the heart. Sound is such a powerful media, as tradition has shown and modern research has come to support, especially when practitioner and patient/client are working towards the same goal or releasing, connecting, clearing, having left concepts and words outside the treatment room and allowing the vibrations to flow. (Extra fees apply)

    Wellness & Spa yoga experiences in corfu

    Wellness & Spa

    Body Massage

    We want you to feel as good as possible during your visit. Therefore, you can do something good for your body on all levels. Our massage therapist Jenny has years of experience in this field. She offers all kinds of massages, from full body to special areas for tension release.(Extra fees apply)

    INEA YOGA Retreat experiences, Sound Bath with crystal singing bowls in Corfu

    Group Sessions

    Sound Bath with crystal singing bowls

    A Sound Bath is a very unique experience, especially the first time. As a studied music teacher and pianist, Athina is devoted to sound and music. With 7 crystal bowls tuned to the frequencies of the 7 chakras, Athina plays a sound concert of a very special kind, flooding the whole body with vibrations. Many testify of wonderful experiences during these sessions. It is said that the vibrations release energetic (emotional) blockages and have a healing effect. It is a marvelous experience, so come and witness it for yourself.

    INEA YOGA Retreat experiences, Private yoga classes in Corfu

    Private sessions

    Improve your practice and overcome obstacles

    Get the most out of your yoga practice. Whether you enjoy the benefits of a regular home practice or you join classes every once in a while, there is a way to get the most out of each session you give yourself. It is beautiful when you find what feels good for your unique body. Deepen your knowledge, understanding and sensations with creating a tailor-made class especially for you. Ask for what is it that matters most, try it out with one of our in-house yoga teachers and take with you a practice that suits your unique body and mindset, with a rhythm that serves your needs and the intensity and difficulty you wish for. We are here to support your experience.

    Prices include Accommodation, Food & Yoga

    Choose your stay

    Single Room
    Single Room

    Private Studio

    En-suite bathroom


    1 Person

    Twin Room
    Twin Room

    Shared Studio

    En-suite bathroom


    1 Person

    Private Bedroom
    Private Bedroom

    Shared Apartment

    Shared Bathroom


    1 Person

    The Essence of our retreats

    Time to rest, de-stress and recharge;

    Space to surrender, inspire and grow;

    Company to feel held & seen and empowered;

    And a yoga practice to evolve,

    energise and strengthen.

    5 star Google review Yoga Retreat Greece Corfu


    5 Star review from participant

    5/5 Google Review

    I’ve just lived one of the best weeks of my life. Despite being my first time doing yoga, I had a wonderful experience. The people were amazing, welcoming and understanding. The food was excellent and different each day (I’ve never eaten this healthy before and never felt that energetic). The place is just beautiful and peaceful. In between the yoga classes, you’ll have the chance to do some activities together (a boat trip, a walk, sunbathing at the beach) or just go around and explore the island. The hosts, Athina and Cedric, are wonderful human beings who have real passion and give from their hearts. I would recommend a yoga retreat at INEA whatever stage you are at in your life: a beginner or with 40 years of yoga practice, it doesn’t matter. It is a beautiful place of acceptance and growth.

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    5 star Google review Yoga Retreat Greece Corfu

    Jacqueline Keinath

    5 Star review from participant

    5/5 Google Review

    Such a beautiful and special place! There is so much love and positive energy that goes around. Athina and Cedric are both amazing and incredible in making you feel completely safe and at home. The yoga was amazing, the food delicious and somehow it was just magic ✨ definitely a perfect place to take some time for yourself and meet more beautiful people I will definitely be back for more 🙏

    show full review Read the review on Google
    relax & restore retreat corfu

    Jane Innes-Ker

    5 Star

    5/5 Google Review

    This yoga retreat is a hidden gem. The moment you arrive you are embraced with love and sincerity. Athina and Cedric are totally committed to their craft with a beautifully organised and balanced retreat allowing participants to reconnect with themselves and others in a safe and un-pressured environment. From creative yoga classes to amazing gong baths, workshops, massages and mala making - this retreat provides it all. I will definitely return next year.

    show full review Read the review on Google
    5 star Google review Yoga Retreat Greece Corfu


    5 Star review from participant

    5/5 Google Review

    The Week I Didn’t Know I Needed. My husband and I attended a 1-week Tantra Yoga and Meditation retreat at INEA Yoga last month and it was perfect in every way. Cedric and Athina have created a magical space which was comfortable and welcoming. We loved the various yoga (movement) practices each morning, yin yoga in the evening, as well as the daily meditations and especially Cedric’s yoga talks each afternoon. Athina led us with her celestial voice in chanting mantras. The entire experience was magical. Not surprisingly, the retreat attracts like-minded people, and we very much enjoyed fostering deeper connections throughout the week. The staff couldn’t have been more helpful…Sylvia, the housekeeper always had a smile on her face and spring in her step, Mary, the efficient and friendly office manager, Sally who handled the logistics beforehand with patience and humor, and the wonderful chef, Lena (I hope I remembered her name correctly) who we rarely saw but made her presence known in creating the most delicious and varied meals throughout the week. A review would not be complete without mentioning the 2 karma yogis, Ellie and Simon, whose warmth and grace added to the experience. Athina and Cedric are special souls, and I am grateful to have spent a week with them at INEA Yoga Retreat.

    show full review Read the review on Google
    testimonial marc retreat 2023

    Marc T

    5 Star

    5/5 Google Review

    What an amazing experience! I have just returned from my 1 week retreat at INEA Yoga. It is hard to describe how special this retreat was. Athina, Cedric and TJ are beautiful people and great teachers. They made us feel so welcome and it was like spending a week with a happy family. Everything was so well organised from the airport pick up to the amazing boat trip up the west coast of Corfu. The food was amazing thanks to Apollonia, Abi and Tamara. Further the accommodation was spotless with daily cleaning and smiles from Silvia ! The Yoga facilities are beautiful, there are outside areas and also inside Shalas where you can do yoga. We even did yoga and meditation at the beach. It can’t get much better than that. This might sound a bit cheesy and I am completely honest in saying that this experience and the beautiful people that I met on this retreat have had and will continue having a major impact in my life. My heart is filled with love, gratitude and joy!

    show full review Read the review on Google
    review retreat corfu

    Cat Taylor

    5 Star

    5/5 Google Review

    For anyone who isn't sure whether to book a retreat with Inea Yoga - BOOK NOW!!! It was the most wonderful week I've ever spent: from the gorgeous homely accommodation to the incredible food and some of the most divine yoga and meditation sessions I've experienced (plus golden sunshine and daily sea swims). I felt so welcomed and the day trips catered for every level of energy and intrigue. I left immediately wanting to plan my next trip. Would highly recommend to all.

    show full review Read the review on Google
    guest review yoga retreat greece

    Anna Brophy

    5 Star

    5/5 Google Review

    Incredible what a difference just 5 days at Inea yoga could do! The teaching is top notch, Athina and Cedric are completely committed to tailoring a program that specifically responds to the needs of the attendees. From the moment I arrived I felt held in a truly safe and nurturing space. The food is great, the beach is nearby, the rooms are spotless. I enjoyed all the workshops and am so glad to have made my Mala to remind me of a magical time! Thank you for this labour of love Athina and Cedric ✨

    show full review Read the review on Google
    google review inea yoga guest

    Frida Packer

    5 Star

    5/5 Google Review

    This yoga retreat was truly amazing, I loved everything about it and strongly recommend it. Athina and Cedric are lovely hosts and excellent passionated yoga teachers. They are so inspiring and adapts the program to the aspirations of their participants’. This in combination with the beautiful setting, delicious food, good organisation, humanity and great warmhearted atmosphere provides for a unique and just wonderful experience!

    show full review Read the review on Google

    Real Stories

    What our guests say

    From Canada


    „My week here has been completely transformative, so healing, so nourishing!“

    From UK


    „It's a little bubble of paradise. It's curated by so many beautiful souls and you can feel the love and attention they give into the space.“

    From the United Kingdom


    „They make it really feel like a wonderful, enjoyable, special place to be.“

    From United Kingdom


    „It's been a life transforming experience here on Corfu“

    From Switzerland


    „Ich hatte eine ganz ganz fabalhafte, wunderschöne Woche hier auf Corfu bei Cedric und Athina.“

    From Germany


    „We came to INEA YOGA to spend 5 days with like-minded people, enjoy community, yoga, meditation, singing.. everything that we wished and hoped for.“

    From the Netherlands


    „I had a wonderful time at the yoga retreat.“

    The food

    Healthy food for healthy souls

    Yummy and healthy is what a yogi needs – we serve freshly home made delicious vegi/vegan food. Breakfast with typical greek specialities, as well as fresh fruit salad and porridge bowls. For dinner you enjoy traditional Greek and international food full of goodness. Most dishes are from local farming.

    Vegetarian option

    Vegetarian option

    Vegan option Vegan option


    Gluten free option

    Gluten free option

    Healthy food at our yoga retreats in  Greece
    local, fresh, organic food
    Breakfast included in the retreat
    Local, Greek food, Greece
    Food made with love at Inea Yoga School
    Food included at our Corfu Yoga Retreats 2023
    Home-made food
    vegetarian food options
    gluten-free food options available
    Greek inspired dinner
    Vegan food available at retreats
    Our Yoga Retreat Base
    Our Yoga Base
    Corfu Indoor Yoga Shala
    Kunda Shala
    Yoga Guests at Ineayoga Corfu
    Yoga Guests at Ineayoga Corfu
    Yoga Guests at Ineayoga Corfu
    Lovely hug from Yoga Guests at Ineayoga Corfu
    Our Base
    Rooms at INEA YOGA School Corfu
    Rooms at INEA YOGA School Corfu
    Rooms at INEA YOGA School Corfu
    Rooms at INEA YOGA School Corfu
    Rooms at INEA YOGA School Corfu
    Rooms at INEA YOGA School Corfu
    Rooms at INEA YOGA School Corfu
    Rooms at INEA YOGA School Corfu
    Rooms at INEA YOGA School Corfu
    Rooms at INEA YOGA School Corfu
    Rooms at INEA YOGA School Corfu
    Rooms at INEA YOGA School Corfu
    Rooms at INEA YOGA School Corfu

    Our Top-Rated Yoga School in Corfu

    INEA • Greece Yoga Retreats

    Enjoy daily yoga sessions and sunset meditation, delicious breakfast and the comfort of your own room, or share your journey with a friend you brought along, or one you make here. We have two Yoga Halls and a beautiful garden area to practice. Our premises are surrounded by stunning nature, well maintained gardens, little areas for creating your own space of quiet and just 1 minute walk from the beach.

    Island Life

    Daily Yoga Classes Surrounded by Nature

    Relax on the beach, enjoy the nature, find your peace. Our Yoga Retreat Base in St. George South (Corfu Island) is a place where you can slow down and find peace – but it is also a place for activities like biking, hiking, watersports, a day trip or even going out at night to dance.

    Clear Ocean in Corfu
    Yoga Students at INEA YOGA School Corfu
    Beaches around the Yoga Center
    Sunset at the Yoga Center Corfu
    Birds View on Corfu from above
    Ocean and Mountain View in St. George, Corfu
    Meditation in South Corfu

    Airport Transfer

    Book a stress-free shuttle to your Greece Yoga Retreat

    We want you to have a stress free time, just like you deserve. Simply book an airport shuttle with George, our neighbour and a local driver. He speaks fluent English and will wait for you at the airport arrival area with a sign that says "INEA YOGA". You will receive a link to book your shuttle right after booking your yoga retreat. Please pay the driver directly (55€ in cash / one way). The shuttle (and costs) can be shared with fellow participants.

    Cancellation Policy

    Policy & Safety Guidelines

    At the point of booking (transferring the deposit), the booking is binding and the full price is due. The remaining balance can be deferred until the start date of the retreat. The deposit (30%) is non-refundable.
    In case of your cancellation:

  • 7+ days before the start date of the retreat, you are entitled to a 70% refund of the full price (30% deposit is non-refundable).
  • less than 7 days before the start date of the retreat, no refund is available, and any remaining balance is due.

  • Voucher option: For cancellations 7+ days before the original retreat start date, you have the option to take an 18-month voucher. In this case, the full remaining balance of the original retreat price is due within 2 weeks of cancellation and we will hold the full amount for you, redeemable against any available INEA YOGA retreat or training starting within the following 18 months.

    We follow the necessary government restriction rules regarding the pandemic ( Covid tests are not necessary anymore.

    Relax and soften

    Enter a state of sweet calm presence.
    Your Yoga trip to arrive home within.

    FAQ Yoga Retreats Greece - Questions about our Yoga Holidays & Retreats

    What is included in the yoga retreat package?

    Our retreat includes daily yoga and meditation classes, daily breakfast and dinner from local cuisine for a healthy lifestyle, accommodation in private or twin rooms, as well as additional yoga workshops (some may have extra fees for materials), a guided hiking trip, and a Mantra circle and Sound Bath once a week. We usually provide one morning flow class after a guided meditation and one relaxing evening Yin Yoga session. A boat trip is offered for addional charge.

    Which yoga styles do you teach at your Yoga Retreat Center in Corfu?

    At INEA • YOGA center in Corfu we teach Vinyasa Flow (Anusara inspired), Tantric Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. Additionally, we offer workshops, mantra chanting and sound experiences. Our yoga teachers are very experienced and registered with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500).

    What is Vinyasa Yoga?

    Vinyasa Yoga is an active and flowing style, where yoga postures, also called Asanas are linked by dynamic movements to each other in a clever way – always synchronised with a steady full breath.

    What is Tantric Hatha Yoga?

    Tantric Hatha in a nutshell (and we could fill many book pages with explaining the philosophical background) is the expansion of life force. This is achieved by the practice of Posture (Asana), Breath (Pranayama) and Meditation (dhyana). Let’s focus on what the actual practice looks like in this style: Tantric Hatha is a combination of first dynamically introduced postures which eventually become steady asanas held in stillness for about 5-8 long breaths. The focus is really strong on the slow and conscious breath and less on the perfect alignment. Thus the postures are in general more easy to follow.

    What is Yin Yoga?

    A very slow yoga practice with only seated and lying down postures that heals and regenerates the body and calms the nervous system. It's a passive practice where muscle tension is released and the focus is on relaxation. Most postures are held for a long time, between 3 and 8 minutes.

    What is Yoga Nidra?

    Yoga Nidra is a type of guided meditation also known as "yogic sleep" or "effortless relaxation." It is generally practiced while lying back, with a teacher leading the practice session. The practice directs our awareness inward, and we learn to shift between the states of being awake and asleep, where our body finds its natural state of equilibrium (homeostasis) - the breath becomes balanced and calm, subconscious and conscious facets of the mind reveal themselves, and we fall into an innate state of deep, blissful awareness.

    What do I need to bring to the Yoga Retreat? Here is a packing list for you.

    We have all the yoga props like blocks, bolsters and straps. You might want to bring your own yoga mat, comfortable yoga clothes, swim gear, beach attire and sun protection, warm socks and a jumper for early mornings/evenings, when it might get a little colder, depending on what month you choose to visit us. We run Retreats from April until October. You may also want to bring a notebook and pen to reflect on your experience. Check out our detailed article about What to bring to a Yoga Retreat?

    Is there a sandy beach close to the retreat center?

    Yes, there are multiple sandy beaches in the area surrounding us. It only takes one minute from our Retreat Center to the closest beach called Lakkiess. The beautiful Issos Beach, with a big nature reserve just next to it, is only a 20 minute walk from our premises.

    Do I have to share my accommodation? Do you offer private or single rooms?

    We offer both shared and private accommodation during our Yoga Retreats. Private accommodation guarantees you a private bedroom with a double bed. This can be either a studio-like room with a small kitchen and private balcony, or an apartment-like accommodation where you have your personal private bedroom and share the big kitchen and balcony with max. one other person.
    In our shared accommodation you have a shared twin bedroom with two single beds. You share this room with a person of the same sex and also share a bathroom with a maximum of two people from the same apartment.

    What should I expect on a typical day of a yoga holiday retreat?

    We have a retreat package prepared for you. This is what is included:

  • Morning meditation (30-60 min)
  • Morning Vinyasa or Hatha yoga class (more intense/flow).
  • Followed by a delicious brunch and free time or activities.
  • In the afternoon we offer workshops and an evening Yoga session (more calm and regenerating) like Yin, Tantric Hatha Yoga, a Sound Bath, Yoga Nidra or Restorative Yoga.
  • At the end of the day we have a Greek healthy dinner together. Some nights we offer additional film screenings or satsangs of yoga topics.
  • What is the weather in Corfu like?

    Our Yoga Retreats season is between April until October. All of these months, except for April, allow for swimming in the ocean because of the beautiful water temperature. We have two main seasons: Our peak season is from July to September where we rarely have any rain and the temperature is between 28-32 degrees Celsius. During our off season from November to June there is a higher chance of rain with an average temperature range of 20-16 degrees Celsius. We wrote an article about every months weather conditions here: Which month is the best for a yoga retreat in Greece?

    How do I get to you? Where is the Yoga Retreat Center Corfu located?

    Address of INEA • YOGA Retreat centre
    Andriana Apartments
    St. George South, Agyrades
    49080 Corfu, Greece

    You have two options to arrive at our Yoga Retreat Center in Greece: by plane or ferry.
    There are two ferry ports in Corfu, one in Lefkimmi in the South (closer to our Yoga Centre) and one in Corfu Town.

    Arrival by airplane
    The closest airport is Corfu International Airport: CFU. From the airport, you can book a taxi with us in advance or grab a local taxi on your own. Fares tend to be higher if catching a taxi at the airport/port but should not be higher than 60 Euros one way. Email us to arrange a shuttle/taxi: mail us here
    You can pre-book the taxi with us online, but you will have to pay the taxi driver in cash in person. The current fare is 50 Euros.
    Arrival by bus

    Take the Greenline B5 Agios Georgios South, Corfu. The bus stops in front of our place, Adriana Apartments. Otherwise tell the bus driver to let you exit at Kafesas (it is a well known Taverna right next to our Yoga School) For more information about the bus schedule and time table check here: Routes change seasonally.

    Can I come to the retreat earlier or stay longer?

    Yes, you can book additional nights with breakfast included. Please contact us at: andrianacorfu (at) gmail (dot)com We actually recommend taking a bit more time for your journey, because often in yoga retreats many things can happen on different levels, to have time to integrate those changes is a very good idea. Let things first sink before jumping back into daily life. We have many drop-in classes you can join at days where there is no retreat.

    Who is your audience? What kind of people join the retreats?

    People who join us have a passion in common: yoga. We share similar life values and an attitude of an open mind and honesty. Therefore, it's really not about age, gender or the fitness level. We have people joining us from different parts of the world and most participants are between 30-45 years of age, but we also have some beautiful souls 50+ who join us regularly. Many retreat guests are from Europe, especially the UK and Germany. Everyone who comes in peace is welcome at our yoga base here in Corfu.

    Can I join a yoga retreat on my own?

    Yes, absolutely! Many people choose to come here on their own. It’s an opportunity to meet like minded people and make new friends. We made life-long friends through yoga teacher trainings and retreats and even Athina and Cedric met on their first yoga teacher training in India. Isn't that a good point?

    How many guests are on each retreat?

    Most Retreats we host have between 8-25 people. The maximum capacity of our house is 29 beds. But we also have some other guests that are not joining a retreat and just spending time on their own, diving deep into yoga or just enjoying holidays. An average Retreat has 16 people.

    Will there be free wifi / internet and cell phone coverage at the retreat site?

    Yes, free wifi is available on the property and in all rooms. There is mobile coverage as well, but the quality of reception may vary depending on your provider since we are in a smaller town. We have a 100mbit line (for the geeks among us).

    What dietary options do you offer?

    All of our meals offer vegan, vegetarian, gluten free options. If you have specific dietary needs or allergies please contact us ahead of time.

    What other services do you offer during a retreat?

  • Workshops (about yoga and yoga related topics) like meditation, pranayama, mindfulness, yoga philosophy, asana alignment
  • DIY Workshops (Making your own Mala
  • Private yoga and meditation sessions
  • Massages and Healing treatments: Sound healing with tibetan singing bowls, and Sound Bath with Crystal singing bowls
  • Hiking and Boat trips as group activities
  • Kirtans / Mantra Singing
  • Do I have to participate in every scheduled activity on the schedule?

    Not at all, it's time for you and just you. You do as you like. :)

    Do you offer any excursions, tours or day trips?

    Yes we do. From short hiking trips to long trips as well as boat trips to different locations on the island including some time to swim and enjoy the beach. Boat trips have extra fees which we will note in the details section.

    Do you offer Yoga for beginners? I am not sure if I am good enough?

    Yes, in our yoga retreats and daily Drop-In classes we have mixed groups of beginners and intermediate students. We learn from each other. If it's not for beginners, it's explicitly said in the quick info section of the retreats detail page. It's helpful for you to have tried a couple of classes to have a rough idea about yoga. If you are an absolute beginner and haven't practised before, please join our “beginners only" retreats.

    What are your Covid policies at the retreat?

    We follow government regulations and will update the policy accordingly. Covid regulations may change, but as of this time no mandatory vaccine nor covid tests (rapid or PCR) upon arrival are needed. We care about everybody’s health and ask participants to be responsible without politicizing the issue.

    What is the cancellation policy?

    We understand that cancelling is the last thing you want. We do our best to accommodate your needs as much as possible. Please find our cancellation policy here:

    What should I do to prepare for my retreat?

    Let us be clear: you don't need to do or prepare anything! This is not yet another task on your list. But, and just if, if you really want to prepare for this little exciting journey, here are some ideas!
    Becoming clear about your intention – or set an intention :) This will set the tone for your experience and allow you to make the most of it. Well, of course you can just follow your gut feeling and come without any overthinking about the whys :)
    Another way to get into the mood is to slowly introduce a regular practice. Weather this is a 5 minute meditation before bed, a daily reminder of gratitude or an Asana practice. The good thing is, you have a limited time frame and an aim (to practice until the retreat starts), that helps to get into a healthy routine.
    Yes, you need to think about what to pack. But except for the necessary things, maybe take a bit of time to feel into what it is that you actually want to experience here in Corfu with us? Maybe there is a book you always wanted to finish, or you have some unsolved thoughts, unfinished ideas that yearn to be written down?
    And for the practical stuff, review our packing list to make sure you have everything you need during your stay. What to pack for a retreat! You will also get a packlist reminder via email after you book a retreat with us.

    Can a friend/partner/spouse join me to stay at the Retreat Center but not participate at the retreat?

    Of course, in this case you would need to choose the single room option and advise us via email that you will have someone join you who will not participate in the retreat. You will get a double bed and be charged an extra fee for your guest. If your guest wants to join any of the meals there will be an extra cost as well, and they are more than welcome to join.

    Do you offer private Yoga sessions at INEA Yoga in Corfu?

    YYes, our teachers are all available for private yoga sessions. Our teachers are certified with Yoga Alliance. Extra fees for private classes apply.

    Which language will the instructions be in?

    The classes and Yoga Retreats are held in English. We do also speak German and Greek as second languages (but not in the yoga group classes).

    Do you have Massages or Spa treatments?

    We provide massages from our in-house massage therapist Jenny. She has over a decade of experience and offers a variety of treatments. You can even request to have daily massages when you book the retreat through our website and even save a little money. How does it sound?

    Do you have drop-in classes at INEA•YOGA school Corfu?

    Yes, during the season we have daily drop in yoga classes here in Corfu. Please find the schedule (changing times during season) on the website or write us an email.

    Do you provide yoga mats?

    Yes, we provide basic yoga mats free of charge. If you like to have a high quality mat, you can either rent or purchase a Manduka yoga mat.

    Is the retreat suitable for people who do not have much experience with meditation?

    The answer is a clear yes, our meditation classes are suitable for beginners as well. Our meditations are all guided and everybody can join.

    What is a sound bath?

    A Sound Bath is a very unique experience, especially the first time. As a studied music teacher and pianist, Athina is devote to sound and music. With 7 crystal bowls tuned to the frequencies of the 7 chakras, Athina plays a sound concert of a very special kind, flooding the whole body with vibrations. By stroking and painting those bowls, they start to vibrate and create a smoothing sound in their frequencies tuned in 440 hz. Many testify of wonderful experiences during these sessions. It is said that the vibrations release energetic (emotional) blockages and have a healing and harmonizing effect on the body and mind. It is each time a marvelous experience, but come and witness it for yourself.

    What is a tibetan singing bowl sound healing treatment?

    Sound treatments are here to help you release tension, work through blockages and connect with yourself in a deeper level. During these sound treatments the practitioner utilises the healing aspects of ancient Tibetan techniques and brings them to your body through vibrating singing bowls in the form of waves. The waves, as created by Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls, are played with clear intensions and directly from the heart. Sound is such a powerful media, as tradition has shown and modern research has come to support, especially when practitioner and patient/client are working towards the same goal or releasing, connecting, clearing, having left concepts and words outside the treatment room and allowing the vibrations to flow.


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