14-Day Yin Yoga Challenge

One Pose a day – Back to self practice!

Free Yin Yoga Challange

Come Back To A Regular Self Practice!

This challenge is super simple and aims to motivate and inspire you to get back to a regular practice. We will give you only one easy Yin Posture every day for 14 days – it takes you only 5-10 minutes. Your level of practice doesn’t matter.

This one posture is an inspiration to practice yin for yourself. It’s ‘only you’ time! Our intention is to give the body healing impulses and make the mind aware of whatever wants to show up and allow it to be with you. A short but pure and healing yin practice.

Keep this daily challenge sweet and short with just one pose a day or take it from there and follow your inner guidance from pose to pose into an intuitive Yin Yoga self-practice.

Start your 14-Day Yin Yoga Challenge today

With this Challenge we want to motivate you to get back to a regular practice in order to access the healing powers of yin yoga

14-days practice of listening to your emotional, mental and physical needs!

destress & unwind • find access to your unprocessed emotions and subconsious mind through a daily practice

get grounded and refind your center • getting yourself back to balance is key in the yin yoga practice

train your intuition and listen to your body to develop a foolow up practice from the first pose

receive the eBook with all 14 poses including photos and detailed information about the posture

improove your health and become serene: Yin brings many scientifically proven, positive health effects

Establish an 'only you' time as a daily routine

Yin classes to go deeper

Watch this yin sessions free

Yin Yoga: Revitalise Your Spine
Class Duration50 min
Yin Yoga: Slow Down and Relax
Class Duration30 min
Yin Yoga: Deep Hip Release
Class Duration35 min


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