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Pim Canetty-Clarke
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United Kingdom

About Pim

I am a yoga teacher and meditation mentor. My initial training in India back in 2018 set me on a journey of my own healing; I learned to feel truly good in my body again after years of living in my head. This journey opened the door to a deep connection with meditation and I now teach meditation courses online. I love supporting clients to expand their perspective beyond the confines of their own minds, beyond what they thought was possible for them, and seeing them step into the life they desire. I am fascinated by how so much of human suffering results from the rejection of parts of ourself and how, the more we can befriend our minds and practice deep acceptance, the more we gain access to that feeling of wholeness: our true nature. Yoga has showed me the surprising power of releasing effort and just feeling what’s there, right now. This theme of embodied practice is present across all of my teaching.

I teach an embodied flow style of yoga, inspired by a variety of traditions and teachings. My classes prioritise making space for every body’s experience of the physical practice to be unique; to encourage you to feel what is there for you, rather than what you think you should be feeling. I carefully sequence my physical practices to prepare the mind for meditation, to clear the path to sit comfortably in radiant stillness. If we stay rooted in our own body as we move, our mind begins to quieten and the asana practice facilitates this beautifully cathartic release of anything holding us back.