Yin Yoga Series 1

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Yin Yoga Series 1

A thorough exploration and introduction to Yin Yoga this Masterclass Series provides everything you need to understand this practice in order to guide your own experience more effectively and to safely go deeper even when guided by others.

Crafted from a larger Teacher Training curriculum this series selects 5 primary areas of Yin Yoga practice to help both beginners as well as more experienced Yin Yogis broaden their awareness of their Yin practice with more nuance & subtlety.

In this first Series 1 you will get the introduction to 10 Yin Yoga postures in detail plus Savasana.

Join us as we explore Yin Yoga Essentials, Anatomy, Daoism, Meditation and Breathwork.

Content Description
Episode 1 • Threshold, Targets, Tension Release

An introduction to central components of a Yin Yoga practice. Understanding Thresholds, Targets and Tension Release ensures you will get the most from your Yin practice while remaining safe. Whenever you wonder “Am I doing it right?” check these 3 concepts.

Episode 2 • Anatomy For Yin

Learning about Fascia, Muscle Layers and Anatomical Variation for a more indepth view of what you are working with in Yin Yoga. Understanding these concepts can help provide motivation, patience with your body and visualizations to connect with the sensations you feel..

Episode 3 • Daoist Philosophy

Exploring Yin-Yang Theory, Balance and Cycles provides a view of where this practice comes from. Understanding these concepts creates a foundation for applying Yin Yoga properly in the larger context of our life and in relation to other practices..

Episode 4 • Meditation For Yin

An examination of what meditation is fundamentally and how Yin Yoga has the potential to be a solid mediation practice itself. Understanding meditation in your Yin practice opens to a much larger pathway and benefits over time.

Episode 5 • Yin Breathwork

Uncovering the tremendous physiological and psychological influence of the breath on your experience. Understanding how the simple act of slowing down can have significant effects on your wellbeing and how Yin Yoga & the breath influence each other in sublime biofeedback loop.


5 Episodes


Duration4h 50min





TJ Maher
TJ Maher
Yin Yoga Teacher • yujmu

TJ travels the world each year providing Yin Yoga Teacher Training to numerous communities to share and spread the much needed Yin vibe via YUJMU which he founded in 2015. He combines his background as a school teacher and artist to create immersive & transformative curriculum that centers on each individual student and their unique sensibilities, empowering them to look inward for answers. Mostly TJ just likes to learn, practice and play.

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