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Yinternational Summit 2022 Bundle

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Recordings of the Yinternational Summit 2022

This Masterclass is a recording of the 3-day Yinternational Summit with over 30+ classes, lectures and workshops from incredible Yin Yoga teachers around the globe. Explore & experience deep release of physical tension, emotions and blockages in various styles & themes of Yin Yoga; the path to your inside world.


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Duration30+ hours


DifficultyAll Levels




LanguageAvailable after event

Speakers and Teachers

Learn from and practice with our brilliant & warm hearted teachers from all over the world

You won't find anywhere else an opportunity like this to gain insights from so many Yin Yoga teachers in one place at one time.

Cedric Stein
Cedric Stein, Greece
Host & Head Teacher @INEA•YOGA
yinternational teacher team
TJ Maher, USA
Host & Head Teacher @yujmu
yinternational teacher team
Corina Benner, USA
Inclusionist. Yoga- and Meditation Teacher, Writer & Poet
yinternational teacher team
Athina Tamaresi, Greece
Host & Head Teacher @INEA•YOGA, Psychologist, Musician
yinternational teacher team
Elea Gisele, France
500hr E-RYT, Osteopath
yinternational teacher team
Sudhir Rishi, India
Yoga Philosophy, Director and Founder of Sthira Yoga Shool

@Sthira Yoga Shool

yinternational teacher teamn
"EJ" Elizabeth Jane Brumfield, USA
Yoga Teacher • Sound Healer
yinternational teacher team
Natalia Petukhova, Russia
Yoga Teacher with 10yrs of experience, Ashtanga practitioner
yinternational teacher teamn
Christina Chung, UK
Uncovering Joy • Mentor and Yoga Teacher @chrissiechungyoga
yinternational teacher teamn
Cat Taylor, UK
Occupational Therapist
yinternational teacher team
Matthew Lyons, USA
Yoga and Meditation Guide
yinternational teacher teamn
Jess Wolff, UK
Yoga Teacher @wildcovecollective


yinternational teacher team
Kitty Billings, Australia
Yoga Teacher @wildcovecollective


yinternational teacher teamn
Stephanie Ikinofo, New Zealand
Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher
yinternational teacher team
Sabrina Patricia, Germany
Transformational Life Coach, Yoga Teacher & Sound Healing Facilitator


The Program

Explore all 30+ Sessions

De-Stress & Retreat THEME ONE: De-Stress & Retreat

Theme one is de-stressing – for all of you who jearn for relaxation, healing the body and practicing methods to release stress. This schedule retreats body and soul.

Learn & Connect THEME TWO: Education & Workshops

Theme two is for all of you, who like to dive deep into education, expanding knowledge and study. This schedule focuses more on the mind and learning.