5 Reasons from TJ Maher

Why joining a Yin Yoga Teacher Training?

The following are observations TJ has had leading his 100 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings. It refers to his experiences as a teacher of YUJMU trainings and he recommends you do your own diligent independent research when selecting any indepth training.

A big decision

Choosing to attend a Yin Yoga Teacher Training is a big step that sends ripples into one’s life. Sometimes intuition (YINtuition))) just says something is right at the right time and sometimes a more pragmatic, analytic approach must be taken to determine if something is right for you at this time.

When you are considering why to attend there may be many tangible reasons that first spring to mind; career reasons, benefits to your body & long term health, etc.. After years of witnessing the journey that many of our students go through and how they come out the other end of the training we consider 5 reasons below that might not be so clearly apparent at the beginning.

We hope this helps in some small way with your choice, whatever it may be ❤️

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Reason #01

Unearth The Inner Lagoon

After myself attending a Yin Yoga Teacher Training, one thing that I most appreciate to this day is discovering that I could feel a way that I never knew I could feel. Having never felt that level of relaxation from a prolonged, consistent daily Yin practice I had just accepted the way things were, less relaxed than I could have been. After attending a few Yin Yoga Trainings and practicing everyday for some time I had a new default state I could appreciate and find when I needed. A state where the body has no tension and the mind is at ease with the passing of time. I call this an inner lagoon, you may not always go to the lagoon but once you know it is there it provides great comfort even just in that knowledge.

Reason #02

Find A New Groove

This extends onward from the previous point but deserves a closer look. We tend to find ourselves in a groove in life, a pathway that has become familiar that we just don’t deviate from. Soon this groove becomes so deep we start to think there is no other way, no other path, just this groove that we are traveling. We wear into that rut making it deeper and deeper in us until it's all we think there is. Joining a Yin Yoga Training is a deliberate step to bring yourself out of that rut, even for a brief time, so that you can be reminded there is another way, there are other ways. Feeling these other ways is so important as we can read about them or see them but when you feel them then it becomes an option you can choose as needed.

Reason #03

Bring Tranquility To Friends & Family

What is sometimes overlooked when we make big choices for ourselves like attending a Yin Yoga Training is how much this kind of choice will affect, and in this case benefit, those around us when we return. The kind of stillness and peace that you tap into during a Yin Yoga Training ripples out from you. This is kind of like how a cat or dog can bring us a sense of equanimity just by being around them so too can you be that for those you care about.

Reason #04

Discover A New Purpose

There is such a focus on the physical and energetic vibes of attending a Yin Yoga Training but many choose to attend teacher trainings, of course, for a career change or expansion. Taking that more broadly this experience can often lead to a rediscovery of purpose, something we all look for in life in one form or another. Once you feel deeply what Yin Yoga can do for you there is a strong motivation to share and help others to feel this release of physical tension that they hold. Many trainees who attend, at first just for their own practice, feel a transition at some point during the training of wanting to teach.

Reason #05

Because You Deserve To Feel Peace And Love

Let’s not forget of course that the letting go and feeling of peace brought on by consistent practice of Yin Yoga is a state of being that you deserve to feel and be able to tap into throughout your life. Attending a Yin Yoga Teacher Training fits many practical purposes but maybe none as important as rediscovering our core priority of feeling inner love and peace. Whether something is attained at the training or plants the seed to just begin your journey to it, this experience can serve the much more profound purpose of tangibly setting the priorities in your life.


Change The World

While we are on the topic of your profound purpose & priorities it should not be overlooked that starting with your own inner spark radiates outward. First, as mentioned above, to those close & dear to you but yes even to the entire world. Releasing what does not serve you and finding inner peace and love is exactly what the world needs to see and feel through you. By personifying these kinds of choices you become an inspiration to others; what shines from you others will find solace in and seek to explore versions of it in themselves.

TJ is head teacher of YUJMU Yin Yoga School. Check this out to find our teacher trainings.

TJ Maher
TJ Maher
Yin Yoga Teacher • yujmu

TJ travels the world each year providing Yin Yoga Teacher Training to numerous communities to share and spread the much needed Yin vibe via YUJMU which he founded in 2015. He combines his background as a school teacher and artist to create immersive & transformative curriculum that centers on each individual student and their unique sensibilities, empowering them to look inward for answers. Mostly TJ just likes to learn, practice and play.

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