Tantric Yoga Myths busted

Yoga for better sex?

I like to keep things simple, the answer is no! Let's get this straight. There are some ancient scriptures that teach about sexual practices, among other things, and sometimes these are grouped together with the tantric scriptures. Probably because they have the same name. In terms of content, the yoga teachings have little to do with sex. However, if you take a closer look at the subtle energies in the body, and this happens almost inevitably when you practice yoga seriously, you will find that sexual energy can also be perceived and, if desired, also controlled and used for certain things (such as conscious ecstasy). The goals of yoga, such as spiritual liberation, has rather less to do with sexual practices, in my opinion. That doesn't mean that we as yogis can't have sex and live ecstasy. Rather, it depends on how we do this. Keyword desire. It should be said, though, that there are some mentions in Tantric scriptures of using sexual energy to activate the kundalini. Specific instructions are not given.

Did the Kāma-sūtra originated from Yoga?

Again, no. The Book Kāma-sūtra can be considered as the science of pleasure. This scripture, maybe because of similar in wording to yoga sutras, could be misunderstood as yoga. However, the Kāma-sūtra is not yoga and has nothing to do with it! In the original texts it can be seen that they are not in fact related to yoga. Whether we today include such kind of practices in the system of yoga, as some teachers may do, is of course open to us, but in the sense of the yoga tradition it is not that way.

Better sex through yoga?

On another point, does yoga make your sex better? There is no general answer to this question, but if I had to make a statement, I would say yes, the chance of having better sex is likely. However, this actually has probably less to do with the specific yoga practices and more to do with the effects of the practice. Yoga increases the body's awareness, improves breathing, and increases sensitivity of subtle energies. In addition to the health benefits, a yogi goes through life more consciously and mindfully; all of which, of course, has an impact on your sex life. To speak of me personally, yes, I do notice a big change. But it's more of a "side effect" than the goal of yoga.

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Cedric Stein
Cedric Stein
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