To empower means to believe, to believe in the abilities, the skills, the potential that the self often hides. I say hides because potentiality is not always open to see for everyone under all circumstances.

You are the perfect example! Your experience, how you view the world… and you know what? You are perfect as you are! You are exactly where you are meant to be and if things have slowed down, if you feel unproductive, or that coronavirus was the best thing that happened to you… you are perfect either way! You are unique, you are strong, you are kind to yourself… you are wonderful. Believe it, own it and remember that you don’t have to change a thing in order to fit with everybody else.

We all have our timeframes, we have our accelerated periods of transformation and we also have our periods of acceptance. They are both so essential for our journey on this life. Enjoy where you are and keep doing what you are doing, it all serves you.

This last couple of months we had some days, perhaps even weeks, of accepting what had happened during our travels in India, Thailand and Indonesia. We also had periods of being flexible, cancelling yoga retreats, cancelling “working life” in a way, and then slowly finding new ways again! of teaching online, new ways of sticking to our passion about learning more and sharing more and so we created a lot of our online content and live-clαsses and finally came back to our truth that human connection and real life sharing is what we are mainly about.

We, Cedric and I (Athina) but also my family, utilised all the lockdown time to create our wonderful yoga Shala in Corfu, where we can host you. We built, painted, scraped, planted trees and pretty flowers… we created paths and continued to learn and teach online and we are ready to have you! You know why? Because we didn’t want to follow the norm and say that coronavirus was just bad, bad, bad…

Inea yoga invested in helping you find your truth, utilised precious energy to create a place where you can express that truth, and we succeeded because we believed in us through it all.

To empower means to believe unconditionally, to feel it, to express it, to turn obstacles into opportunities that are understood by the one that matters, yourself.

- Athina Tamaresi, MSc Experimental Psychologist, Sussex University - Musicologist, University of Athens - Head Teacher at INEA YOGA -

Athina Tamaresi
Athina Tamaresi
Head Teacher INEA • YOGA

Yoga to me has been a wonderful journey, helping me divide my sense of self from my often busy mind and deeply, truly accept and connect with me as a whole. I teach to support and encourage people to connect with themselves.

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