A personal report

From Tamara, Karma Yogi at INEA YOGA School

The first class I´ve taken at Inea Yoga was a Sound Bath, a unique experience for myself. You can image a sound bath like a meditation, it was an approx. 45 mins immediate experience in which nothing needed to be analyzed or observed. You can either enjyoing the sound bath lying down on your mat or in a seated position. With the tones and vibrations, you will sink into the present moment. Woolen blankets, meditation cushions and pillows as well as cozy mats and essential oils invite your entire body and mind to relax.

Athina, the Yoga and studied music teacher, was playing a variety of different instruments like crystal bowls, which are tuned to the frequencies of our 7 chakras, gongs, triangle and chimes. The sound concert was flooding my whole body with vibrations, I could even feel the tones in my head. The instruments are used as a vehicle to carry you inside and to bring you into deeper states of consciousness. In this state of consciousness blockages can be released and deep changes can be brought about.

When was the last minute you were in silence?

When you are living in a city or just next to a bigger road or airport, you will notice an imbalance of sounds in your daily life. Often, we are not even aware of it anymore. Every day we are surrounded by sound and vibration. The ringtone of the mobile phone, the noise of the fridge or coffee machine, the dogs or cats in your neighborhood, a television, radio or music from Spotify. When was the last minute you were in silence?

During a Sound Bath our brain activities are changing from an active beta state to a deeply relaxed alpha state. You can image the result as a deep tissue massage which brings you to a state of absolute relaxation by the sounds and vibrations. They are releasing blockages and tensions in your body and mind, leaving you in a healed and harmonized state. The tones penetrate your body and mind like waves and ensure holistic relaxation.

The experience of a Sound Bath has also therapeutic effects. Sounds have been used as a healing instrument by various cultures and for thousands of years. For example, Mantras are used in Indian culture and medicinal melodies by indigenous cultures with the aim to find inner harmony. So, it´s even said that a Sound Bath can help against sleep problems, anxiety, depression and helps copying with stress and pain. The effects are on all levels of our brain, and they have direct access to our self. Sounds and vibrations can touch the innermost, can relieve pain, evoke memories and overcome psychological and emotional barriers.

Sound Therapy is based on the phenomenon of Sympathetic Resonance. Sympathetic Resonance is when two tuning forks are next to each other and one is excited, the other will also ring or when high notes are played on a piano, lower notes are also heard. Therefore, the sound affects your body while the sound waves are penetrating your whole system. Your body will absorb the waves and retune to that new frequency. So, when your body encounters the tone, it will automatically match to the new frequency, and it will come back to your natural and healthy state of vibration.

For conclusion Sound Baths are a welcome instrument to escape the urban noises, to reconnect to your inner self, recalibrate within yourself away from the overstimulated world and to retune the vibrations of your body. For myself it was a magical experience, attending the upcoming sound bath next week. ☺