Surya Namaskar • Session #2

54 Sun Salutations from Bali

In this 60' video, Athina guides you through a sun salutation practice to calm your mind, strengthen your body and ground yourself. It is a wonderful way to prepare for your meditation, or to utilize as meditation in itself. Don't underestimate the power of repetition! This is a very powerful tool to help quiten your mind. At the same time this is a strong class to keep you fit and challenged, especially if you repeat it a few times during your week.

Utilize these daily sun salutations as lotion for your joints, enjoy the peace while you move and/or in your meditation after, and give yourself the chance to rest and reset before you jump on to the next thing on your schedule. This can be your complete daily practice! I hope you enjoy it and remember... there are also a couple of other versions that may serve you best on days that you want to take a little easier or the days that have all the time in the world.

Thank you for joining.

Athina Tamaresi

Athina Tamaresi

Head Teacher at INEA•YOGA
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