Surya Namaskar • Session #3

108 Sun Salutations from Bali

In this 2-hour long video, Athina guides you through another sun salutation practice. This is the ultimate challenge, not in relation to completing the rounds of sun salutations... more in terms of finding, enjoying and maintaining a stable breath. Strengthen your body and ground yourself, utilising the quiet of your mind. This really is a wonderful way to create a moving meditation for yourself, or to prepare your body and breath for it. Let's actively empower the energy of your own body moving in repetition! Sun salutations, or even other complete repetition, is a very powerful tool to help quiten your mind and at the same time a very strong class that will challenge you and keep you fit, especially if you practice it a few times this week.

Utilize these daily sun salutations as lotion for your joints, enjoy the peace while you move and in your meditation after, and give yourself the chance to rest and reset before you jump on to the next thing on your schedule. This can be a complete practice and exercise for your day! I hope you enjoy it and remember... there are also a couple of shorter versions for the days that you would rather move less and meditate sitted.

Thank you for joining.

Athina Tamaresi

Athina Tamaresi

Head Teacher at INEA•YOGA
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