Tantric Hatha Yoga

Moon Practice

First of all, thank you for getting here. This is a Tantric Hatha Yoga class. If you are not already familiar with this style, let me tell you a couple of things about it. Tantric Hatha is generally quite slow. It combines dynamic parts, where we gently flow in and out of postures (asanas), together with moments of stillness. In the moments of stillness, you are invited to deeply enjoy the benefits of each asana. You will feel the strengthening effects both physically and mentally as you are challenged to stay in the asana sometimes for a few minutes. For those of you that have practiced tanrtic hatha before, in this particular video we will breathe slowly, shaping the breath in a samana vaju, this means long exhalations, twists, twists, more twists and a few forward folds. Remember the breath is your vehicle. Roll your mat out and click play to start. There is a timed 10 minute savasana and a short 10 minute meditation already included in this class, so enjoy all the way and let us know how it felt for you.

Athina Tamaresi

Athina Tamaresi

Head Teacher at INEA•YOGA
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