Power Yoga

Wake up your core

This 40 minute yoga class is designed to wake up your core! During the class we will move slowly and keep it simple but you will be invited to explore the asanas and transitions between them in order to use your core more efficiently and have more connection to it. Feel free to rest in child pose anytime you feel you need to rest, catch the breath or just slow down.

Cedric Stein
Marta Witecka
Vinyasa&Power Yoga

Marta is a handstand, yoga and acroyoga teacher, with an experience in partner acrobatics. She discovered yoga in 2011 and that brought her later to handstands and acroyoga. Her life changed completely once she abandoned her sprouting legal career and decided to commit to the teaching practice, which has been bringing her joy and opportunity to connect to people and share her passions. She has been teaching movement for a few years continuously and what’s most important for her is motivating people to move their bodies and minds and find their own practices which make them happy. She believes it’s possible to make dreams come true if we really believe in them and work hard to make them happen.

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