You'll never understand how fantastic yoga feels unless you've experienced it for yourself. The only way to get into something like yoga is to get up and do it. It takes a little effort to get into a groove, but once you do, it's difficult to break out of.

I've developed a list of resources to assist you in establishing and maintaining you're practice. Whether you practice yoga or not, these pointers can help you attain your objectives.

Ask for the why

Set Reasonable goals for yourself

You've finally found the motivation to get to your mat. What happens after that? For years, famous pseudo-celebrities have been practicing! Decades, even! Trying to do in a few hours what these folks have been training for virtually their whole lives would be ridiculous.

Don't be discouraged by it. Instead, use these images and videos to inspire you to return to your mat. So you've been practicing yoga for a month and still can't get into a headstand?

I've got some exciting news for you! There is no need for you to put any pressure on yourself. It takes time to do these tasks. There's no need to rush. When my body is ready, I'll arrive. And you will, as well. As the saying goes, “if you believe you can, you're halfway there”.

Additional motivation

Bring a Friend or Two to Join You

Inviting a friend to join you is a good idea. Even though a yoga class isn't the greatest location to chat or hang out with them, having a friend by your side might help you get that additional push. You'll have someone to share your adventure with. You'll have a supporter who will encourage you. You'll also have someone to nag you if you're being lazy.

Yoga is more than movement

Better to Consider Yoga as a Therapy

Instead of thinking of yoga as an "exercise," think of it as "therapy." Sure, it's a workout, but the therapeutic benefits come from consistent practice. Then you're both recuperating and exercising at the same time, which is fantastic! When you think of your practice as being about healing (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), the workout part becomes less important.

No matter the mood

Show up Even if You're having a Horrible Day

You'll be missing out on a lot if you just come to practice on days when you're feeling good! Life is full of bad days. It is not only unavoidable but also vital for personal development. On bad days, you would not skip your Sleep and food similarly never miss your yoga sessions on such days. There's no need to skip yoga practice unless you're sick and need to stay in bed.

Repeat with joy

Make Practicing Yoga Your Daily Routine

For some, the idea of making it a priority is ridiculous. Because let's face it, we have other priorities in our lives, such as jobs and family. If you know how to set out a certain time for your yoga practice and stick to it, you'll be more likely to show up to your mat on a regular basis than if you just go "whenever you feel like it." If you don't have time to do yoga, the only way to do it is to make time!

better Slow but consistent

Keep Tabs on Your Development

To avoid slouching, it might be as easy as intentionally holding your spine straight up. Triumphs, no matter how minor, are nonetheless victories. And if you want something to reflect on in the future, keep note of these small successes. You won't be able to take a headstand right away, but you can start by perfecting your dolphin posture, which you can improve by mastering your downward dog. Advanced yoga positions can only be reached by starting with simple ones and progressively increasing your strength and flexibility. It's the growth that keeps you interested and returning. However, you should remember that a meaningful practice comes from being content with what your body is capable of.

yoga is one breath a day

Every Day, Give Yourself a Moment of Stillness

When you can handle your thoughts in periods of solitude without wanting to jump up and flee, you'll know that yoga is working for you. Yoga is historically practiced to bring the mind's oscillations to a halt. This isn't to say you shouldn't think. Regardless of the emotions evoked by our ideas, we are more likely to view them as lucid and sensible. Instead of spontaneous emotions, it gives thoughtful replies to varied situations.

daily practice

Being Consistency is the Key

The importance of consistency cannot be overstated. Using the hot chamber on a daily basis makes the entire practicing process simpler. There's no pressure to "get it done" if you've become acclimated to the heat and routine. After all, if you practice consistency rather than intensity, you'll be able to return the next day! When Bikram Yoga is a regular part of your schedule, and you have a bad class now and again, reassure yourself, "I'll be back tomorrow!"